Walking With Kings - Rich Ward, Terry Chism, Frank Fontsere, Sean Delson

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Sometimes an album comes out of the blue and is so good that its name should be shouted out from the rooftops with high praise. Walking With Kings is just such an album, and more to the point was/is free to download from the bands website. So how does a free album come to be one of my most played albums of the last month or so?

Well when you first read the words download for free etc, you always have in the back of your mind the question as to why are they doing this? Is it so bad that they have to give it away or if not what is wrong with it and should I bother? Those same thoughts were running through my mind, thankfully though a couple of people had posted online about how good they thought the songs were, so I took a chance and now WWK is high on my list (already) for a place in my albums of the year. The band itself features members of Stuck Mojo and Fozzy on guitars, bass and drums, whilst the vocals and keyboards are played/sung by Terry Chism, who I think is really the true star of the album, as he has a voice to die for. Terry though hasn’t had an easy time of it. He once fronted a successful covers band, until he unfortunately lost his voice, had a breakdown and lost his will to live. Needing something more in his life Terry went back home, rejoined his local church and found a new purpose and set up a software company that goes from strength to strength. About ten years passed by and Terry then met up with Stuck Mojo guitarist Rich Ward, they connected musically and personally and Terry found a new passion for music growing inside of himself, which brings us to full circle to the ‘WWK’ album.

The album itself features ten tracks of hard hitting melodic rock, played with a hunger and energy that many other acts just cannot match. The happiness and joy that the band pours into songs like ‘Leap Of Faith’, ‘Here I Stand’, ‘Autumn Brings’ and ‘Friends’ is wonderful to hear and when you can back these tracks up with the likes of ‘Change The World’ which is very akin to Harem Scarem, ‘Home’ and the ‘Mention Of Your Name’, then you know your listening to something special, very special indeed.

‘Walking With Kings’ is a band that has recorded an album that I think lovers of catchy well played melodic rock will want to hear. I also think Frontiers, Escape, AOR Heaven etc should get their cheque books out and get ready for a bidding war because this band are that damn good. (I even got through the whole review without mentioning the fact that this is a Christian rock act, damn - though who cares because as I said it is that good).

Ian Johnson

All rights reserved and all credit goes to FIREWORKS MAGAZINE, please visit www.ROCKTOPIA.net

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