What Keyboards Do You Use?

Posted by tchism on 7 September 2011 15:58

Since guitarists get to show off their rigs so often... hey, why can't keyboardists? Many have been asking about our keyboard arsenal as well. With this rig, there's literally no end to the sounds I can produce. I really enjoy the feel of the keys and the superb sounds of all of these units. The Native Instruments and Ivory plugins sound amazing and make for a fantastic live and studio mix. The portable Pro Tools rig is a "must have", not only for live mixing, but also for songwriting on the run.

• Roland Phantom X8
• Korg Triton Workstation
• Yamaha Motif 8
• M-Audio Oxygen 61 MIDI Controller
• HP-Intel I5 Laptop/Pro Tools 8
• AVID MBox Mini
• Native Instruments Komplete
• Ivory Grand Pianos

Well, meet the kids... 


Keyboards, Walking With Kings

Keyboards, Walking With Kings

Keyboards, Walking With Kings


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