The "Walking With Kings" Name

Posted by tchism on 11 June 2011 05:00

Ok, so people keep asking me... where did you get the name "Walking With Kings"? Honestly, this was one of several names we considered. As Rich and I were planning the project, he called me up one morning and asked me to think about the "WWK" name and how he felt it could be a great band name.

Just so happens that there's a well-known phrase from an old poem by Rudyard Kipling that says, "walk with kings, nor lose the common touch". The entire poem is a list of achievements that, if met, one can inherit the earth (and become a true man). The phrase, "walk with kings, nor lose the common touch", refers to one's ability to reach or relate to people, no matter the class or race.

Considering what we are about, I still say Rich is right... it's a pretty good name for this band. Stay tuned for more!


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